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Amaze Balls! {Raw Cookie Bites}

date cookie balls

Healthy cookies do not sound like a real thing. And if they were real, they probably wouldn’t taste very good. That was my inner Negative Nancy trying to talk me out of trying all the “bliss ball” recipes I have seen floating around Pinterest. My curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to make my very own raw, vegan cookies. Turns out, they’re AMAZE BALLS! Seriously, I’m hooked.  [keep reading...]


Kraut Cakes

kraut cakes

I think I’ve gone a little probiotic crazy. It all started when I started making kombucha. This little project opened my eyes to a world of fermentation that I never knew existed. Fermentation is important because it enhances, preserves, and makes food easier to digest.


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Raw Buckwheat Breakfast

buckwheat bfast cherries


If you haven’t tasted this raw, vegan, gluten-free masterpiece of a breakfast by Luise of Green Kitchen Stories, it is high time. You would be missing out on the tastiest, easiest, and healthiest breakfast porridge ever created. I have been making this lovely little breakfast for the last year and never tire of its versatility.

buckwheat and cherries

My adaptation of the recipe omits the apples and increases the citrus and amount of buckwheat. Also, I added a hot cherry topping that I find completely irresistible. I  love the contrast of the cool porridge with the warm sauce; very, very decadent (and almost effortless). You might have to remind yourself this is a RAW, VEGAN, HEALTHY, GF meal, because it kind of tastes like dessert…Just warning you. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do and make it your own. [keep reading...]


Best Ever Gluten Free Waffles


Everyone knows that Waffles > Pancakes.

However, not many people know that GF Waffles > Waffles.

waffles plus goji [keep reading...]


Goji Jam

goji jam

Spring is in the air!! A new season full of fresh starts and fresh new jams! You probably know that going to the store and picking out your favorite flavored jam is pretty easy, but maybe you didn’t know how easy it is to make your own! Lots of jams and jellies are processed and loaded with questionable sweeteners, but if you make it yourself you know exactly what’s in it!

goji sauce [keep reading...]


Almost ‘Animal Style’ Salad

animal style salad

So I’m going to make a burger…Without the meat…or the cheese…or even the bread for that matter… Wait, hear me out! Ok, honestly, I’m making a vegan salad and pretending it is an In-N-Out animal style burger. I’m a weird one, I know. But it’s super delicious and really does taste like In-N-Out!

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Spinach Artichoke Dip (healthified!)

People keep asking me if this is a strictly vegan recipe blog. While I love and appreciate the vegan lifestyle, this blog is certainly not strictly vegan (or strictly anything for that matter!). Sometimes, life calls for cheese. Hot, melty cheese. One of my all time favorite appetizers is hot spinach artichoke dip. But it always made me feel so guilty! So let’s take the guilt out and dig in..

healthyhotdip [keep reading...]


DIY Kombucha (Part Two)

In case my last post didn’t terrify you enough, I’m (finally) back again to talk more kombucha.

So what exactly is kombucha and why do people drink it? [keep reading...]


DIY Kombucha (Part One)

Kombucha. I guess it was only a matter of time until I reached DIY extremism. In my mind, fermentation is the final frontier of culinary endeavors. Let’s be honest – it scares people (myself included!). Who willingly grows bacteria on their food?

But whether we acknowledge it or not, fermentation continues to be an important part of our shared culture. People have been fermenting foods for thousands of years to preserve it, make it more digestible, and turn it into alcohol! It has actually turned out to be a completely magical and rewarding process to witness firsthand.

katz kombucha [keep reading...]

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Lemony Lentil Soup

lemony lentil soup

Soup season is ON. There is something so wonderful about a bowl of hot soup that makes the icy cold weather bearable, actually, quite enjoyable. I find soups incredibly magical and nourishing. Just when you think there is nothing to eat or no groceries, you have soup!

lentil soup [keep reading...]